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Qosmos Labs Protocol Bundle

Qosmos is the market leader in embedded DPI-based IP traffic classification and network intelligence. These technologies analyze data traffic in real time and at high speed as it crosses networks, to provide a highly accurate picture of network activity. The information provided by Qosmos is used for network optimization, analytics, service chaining, cyber security and more.

Qosmos Labs constantly monitors network protocols and regularly updates a software component known as the Qosmos Labs Protocol Bundle in order to ensure the recognition of all major protocols and their attributes.

What is a Protobook "Light"?

Qosmos Labs catalogues network applications, protocols, traffic types and attributes in a database called the Protobook.

Access to the full Protobook requires a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with Qosmos.

However, an overview of this database is available here as a browser-based interactive list called the “Protobook Light” that provides:

•  Lists of all the protocols recognized by Qosmos,

•  A predictive search engine to easily find specific protocols,

•  Sorting and filtering functions to list protocols by Family or by Tag.

How can I get a full Protobook?

If you wish to have access to the full Protobook:

•  Please contact Qosmos via the contact form on the Qosmos website stating that you would like access to the full Protobook.

•  A Qosmos representative will then contact you directly.