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Explore the Protocols

Enea, through its Qosmos products, is the market leading provider of embedded Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) - based traffic intelligence to network equipment manufacturers, telecom suppliers, and vendors of cybersecurity software.

Enea’s Qosmos technology recognizes over 3700 protocols and applications (more than any other on the market) to classify traffic in real-time and provide granular information about network activities.

This website, known as the Protobook Light, provides an interactive, browser-based overview of these applications and protocols. The Full Protobook catalog containing detailed records about each application and protocol is available upon request (NDA required).

Protobook Light

The Protobook Light provides:

•  Lists of all the protocols recognized by Enea's Qosmos software,

•  A predictive search engine to easily find specific protocols,

•  Sorting and filtering functions to list protocols by Family or by Tag.

Full Protobook

Access to the full Protobook requires an NDA.

Please contact us to obtain one.